A bowl of noodles is like a blank canvas. With the right ingredients, a dash of imagination and a little soul, you’ve got a masterpiece on your hands (and in your belly!). Explore our recipe collection and try a few of our favorite ways to cook with Joy Noodle.

Joy Joy

Hawaiian Style Carbonara Pasta

SPAM, Okinawa Soba and saimin soup base make for a comforting Hawaiian-Italian fusion.
Joy Joy

Pesto Mazemen

Mazemen gets a makeover with the addition of light, fresh basil pesto.
Joy Joy

Ramen Salad

Lighten up with a chilled Joy salad recipe inspired by the classic cold noodle dish, hiyashi chuka.
Joy Joy

Basic Shoyu (soy sauce) Joy

A classic recipe for homemade shoyu Joy from scratch, topped with tender chashu and garlic oil for aroma.

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